Release Day! Alternative Choices


I’m so excited to announce that Alternative Choices, book three in the Alternative Series, is now available on Amazon! As an added bonus, I’ve dropped the price for Alternative Desires down to $0.99 for this weekend only! It’s a great time to catch up on the series, and the prequel is always available for free here.

Agent Jaclyn Jacquin knows a case in need of attention when she sees one. So when she’s forced to set aside investigating a bomb threat on a women’s clinic she can’t seem to leave it alone. Instead she must work on a political witch hunt that leaves her wishing she’d never gotten her dream job back in the first place. Being forced to tail a medical student studying infectious disease because of his country of origin and a history of political activism leaves a bad taste in her mouth, and the investigation leads her in a direction that no one was anticipating.

Trouble continues to pile on as she and Agent Wesley Wexler take the step of dissolving their work partnership leaving her to be reassigned to work with someone else. Now she’s assigned to work with someone from her past and things only continue to get worse. Soon Jaclyn must decide if what she has with Wes is worth holding onto, or if she’s going to let Agent Logan Phoenix disrupt all of it with his sweet smile and their even sweeter history.

I hope you all enjoy!

❤ Scarlette