Release Day! Alternative Choices


I’m so excited to announce that Alternative Choices, book three in the Alternative Series, is now available on Amazon! As an added bonus, I’ve dropped the price for Alternative Desires down to $0.99 for this weekend only! It’s a great time to catch up on the series, and the prequel is always available for free here.

Agent Jaclyn Jacquin knows a case in need of attention when she sees one. So when she’s forced to set aside investigating a bomb threat on a women’s clinic she can’t seem to leave it alone. Instead she must work on a political witch hunt that leaves her wishing she’d never gotten her dream job back in the first place. Being forced to tail a medical student studying infectious disease because of his country of origin and a history of political activism leaves a bad taste in her mouth, and the investigation leads her in a direction that no one was anticipating.

Trouble continues to pile on as she and Agent Wesley Wexler take the step of dissolving their work partnership leaving her to be reassigned to work with someone else. Now she’s assigned to work with someone from her past and things only continue to get worse. Soon Jaclyn must decide if what she has with Wes is worth holding onto, or if she’s going to let Agent Logan Phoenix disrupt all of it with his sweet smile and their even sweeter history.

I hope you all enjoy!

❤ Scarlette


National Library Week!

In the chaos of my book release this week I almost forgot to post about National Library Week, which would have been a terrible mistake.


I, like many authors, owe a lot to libraries.

They provided me with enough reading material as a child to keep this voracious reader constantly entertained. If I hadn’t had access to my school library I don’t think I would have been able to read as much as I did. I had books, but not enough for the speed with which I read and the way my reading level increased so quickly.

They helped me through school. Without access to special collections in my major I never would have completed my studies. Not to mention I didn’t have my own computer in college for a few years, so having access to the computer lab was essential to finishing my education. Plus, I read every Michael Crichton book in the collection for fun as well.

I got my first real job after graduate school at a library. I was kicked off my parents insurance the month I turned 27, but by some miracle my hiring and health insurance through work kicked in leaving me without a single day uncovered. From that point on libraries supported me in my post graduate life.

To this day I do most of my reading from my local library, which I cherish. I even spend time writing in my local library branch when I want a change of scenery.

I still see the incredible things that libraries are doing, the many roles they play in our communities and how essential they are.

We need to fiercely protect our access to libraries and demand that they continue to be funded.

So THANK YOU libraries. A special thank you to the library systems I currently use: King County Library System and Seattle Public Library System. Thank you, and all the libraries that have been in my life for all you’ve done for me, and people like me, my entire life.

❤ Scarlette

P.s. If you need something to read and want to support an indie author, the first few books in the Alternative Series are currently free on Amazon here.

Book Release and Free Books for All!

I’m super excited to announce that the second book in my Alternative Series, Alternative Paths, is now available on Amazon! For today the prequel (a short novella), Alternative Desires (book one) and the brand new Alternative Paths are available for free download on Amazon!

I’m really excited to offer these to people that follow my blog and I hope you’ll take advantage. If you’re feeling really generous, I’d love it if you shared, or leave a review.

Get them here!

❤ Scarlette

Cover Reveal!

Hi lovely readers,

I’ve been hard at work writing and editing the last month to hand you my latest book, Alternative Paths, out and FREE on Friday April 14th! It’s been a wild few months and I’m loving this series.


Here’s what you can expect:

FBI Agent Jaclyn Jacquin’s life is once again thrown into chaos when she receives the one thing she’s been seeking since she lost it.


After the dramatic conclusion of their last case together she has finally admitted her feelings and started a fiery romance with Agent Wes Wexler. Things are going perfectly well until the success of their last case propels her into an impossible situation. Suddenly she’s thrust back into her old position in the Counter Terrorism Unit with Wes as her new partner.


Jaclyn knows that her career once again hangs in the balance if the secret of their romance gets out. She makes the difficult choice to end things, but the separation is more complicated than she expected. Neither one of them is prepared for the intense feelings that surface as they race against the clock to stop the unspeakable.


With their feelings in turmoil, she and Wes will have to work with the rest of the team to investigate a cultish church that is signaling trouble. When an Agent recently placed undercover goes missing, the stakes are even higher. Soon their investigation takes them to an ice covered small town to quietly investigate, but things don’t go as planned.
Before they’ve had a chance to adjust to the new reality of being apart, the unthinkable happens pushing them closer together until they find themselves fighting for their lives.

I’ll post a link on Friday, and as my little gift to you, the first book in the series will be free on Friday too so you can get all caught up!

❤ Scarlette

Cover Release

Hi Readers,

I’ve been super busy and I’m excited to share with you! Here is the new cover for the first book in my Alternative series.


“The destruction of her career, the end of a relationship, and a country in turmoil have left FBI Agent Jaclyn Jacquin on unstable ground at best. When a pair of enticing green eyes attracts her from across a crowded bar she has no idea that her lustful glances will lead her on a path she never would have expected.

Agent Wesley Wexler is dangerous distraction for a life that is already in chaos. Soon Jaclyn finds herself consumed with this case and with him. Agent Wexler brings with him an irresistible attraction, a deep distrust of those in power, and secrets of his own.

An informant risks his career and life to come forward and suddenly a money laundering case turns into a quest to uncover a plan to kill thousands with Agent Wexler providing the missing pieces. Now, as obstacles continue to spring up in her path as she investigates connections to a hate-spewing Congressman, she must decide whether or not she believes the claims of Agent Wexler.

Is there something much more sinister here than meets the eye? Is a politician really using campaign funds for evil to boost his chances of winning reelection? Has he manipulated those in his inner circle to do anything for him, including kill?

With no support from the FBI, and a million obstacles in the way, their bond grows and Jaclyn is scared of the feelings that start to develop between them. Jaclyn wants to rebuild the career she destroyed, but she must figure out how far she’s willing to go outside of the rules to solve this case. What scares her most of all is not knowing if they’ll be able to put the pieces together before it’s too late.”

If you’d like to get a taste of the series, check out the prequel: Alternative Beginnings for free.

Happy Reading!

❤ Scarlette