My dog is a better person than I am.

This is a bit of a random blog post, but as I was walking my dogs today I had the realization that my dogs are happier than I am all the time. Today, person after person pointed out my dog’s big goofy grin as she trotted along on our walk. I enjoy my life, it’s actually really great, but there’s something about the way my dog approaches things that leaves me feeling like I have something to learn.

So, I came up with a list of things my dogs do that I wish I was better at:

  1. My dog is excited to see absolutely everyone.
    • I mean, she is ecstatic. It is the best day that has ever happened when she meets a new person. In return, her new human friend is flattered and delighted to interact with her. I on the other hand avoid eye contact and pray I don’t have to stop and chat.
  2. My dog doesn’t care where we’re going.
    • While I worry about route, length of walk, and what time I’ll get back home, she just enjoys the journey.
  3. My dogs will actually stop and smell the roses.
    • Well, and other dog’s pee, but they at least appreciate things around them in a way I should really pay attention to.
  4. She has boundless energy in everything she does.
    • With hops, jumps, excited barks, my dogs lives life to the fullest and she’s always going to invest all of herself in things. I drink coffee to do just about anything (like writing a blog).
  5. Play is serious business
    • It does not matter if there are other dogs, people, or coffee tables with delicate glass in the way. Play happens spontaneously and it is approached like a frat boy on a Friday night. Maybe I don’t wish I was like this entirely, but I should stop and have more spontaneous fun.
  6. When she’s tired, she rests.
    • One of the things that saddens me the most about myself is that I am incapable of napping and bad at taking breaks. My brain is always buzzing, I can never quite get comfortable, and I’ve probably had way too much coffee. On the other hand, I sleep really well at night. I do wish I had the ability to rest without guilt like my dog does. I think she has the right idea.

Did I miss anything that dogs are especially good at that humans might not be great at? Leave me a comment.

❤ Scarlette


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