National Library Week!

In the chaos of my book release this week I almost forgot to post about National Library Week, which would have been a terrible mistake.


I, like many authors, owe a lot to libraries.

They provided me with enough reading material as a child to keep this voracious reader constantly entertained. If I hadn’t had access to my school library I don’t think I would have been able to read as much as I did. I had books, but not enough for the speed with which I read and the way my reading level increased so quickly.

They helped me through school. Without access to special collections in my major I never would have completed my studies. Not to mention I didn’t have my own computer in college for a few years, so having access to the computer lab was essential to finishing my education. Plus, I read every Michael Crichton book in the collection for fun as well.

I got my first real job after graduate school at a library. I was kicked off my parents insurance the month I turned 27, but by some miracle my hiring and health insurance through work kicked in leaving me without a single day uncovered. From that point on libraries supported me in my post graduate life.

To this day I do most of my reading from my local library, which I cherish. I even spend time writing in my local library branch when I want a change of scenery.

I still see the incredible things that libraries are doing, the many roles they play in our communities and how essential they are.

We need to fiercely protect our access to libraries and demand that they continue to be funded.

So THANK YOU libraries. A special thank you to the library systems I currently use: King County Library System and Seattle Public Library System. Thank you, and all the libraries that have been in my life for all you’ve done for me, and people like me, my entire life.

❤ Scarlette

P.s. If you need something to read and want to support an indie author, the first few books in the Alternative Series are currently free on Amazon here.


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