Cover Reveal!

Hi lovely readers,

I’ve been hard at work writing and editing the last month to hand you my latest book, Alternative Paths, out and FREE on Friday April 14th! It’s been a wild few months and I’m loving this series.


Here’s what you can expect:

FBI Agent Jaclyn Jacquin’s life is once again thrown into chaos when she receives the one thing she’s been seeking since she lost it.


After the dramatic conclusion of their last case together she has finally admitted her feelings and started a fiery romance with Agent Wes Wexler. Things are going perfectly well until the success of their last case propels her into an impossible situation. Suddenly she’s thrust back into her old position in the Counter Terrorism Unit with Wes as her new partner.


Jaclyn knows that her career once again hangs in the balance if the secret of their romance gets out. She makes the difficult choice to end things, but the separation is more complicated than she expected. Neither one of them is prepared for the intense feelings that surface as they race against the clock to stop the unspeakable.


With their feelings in turmoil, she and Wes will have to work with the rest of the team to investigate a cultish church that is signaling trouble. When an Agent recently placed undercover goes missing, the stakes are even higher. Soon their investigation takes them to an ice covered small town to quietly investigate, but things don’t go as planned.
Before they’ve had a chance to adjust to the new reality of being apart, the unthinkable happens pushing them closer together until they find themselves fighting for their lives.

I’ll post a link on Friday, and as my little gift to you, the first book in the series will be free on Friday too so you can get all caught up!

❤ Scarlette


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