The Birth of a Story

Hey lovely readers,

I thought that with all the writing I’m doing these days I ought to slow down and give you some background on why I’m writing this series.

The first and terrible truth is that this book was born out of a few things, but mostly my desire to have a modern day X-Files book series with a little less aliens, a little bit of government conspiracy,  and a lot more sexiness. I feel like X-Files was from a time when things were a bit less tense in our country. While Mulder and Scully trusted no one, the things that were covered up in that series feels just a little laughable in the modern day when we’re dealing with so much more. Ah, the days of my youth when UFO coverups were all the rage and not wiretaps and Russian influence in the elections…

Which leads me to the second thing. This book was also thought up right around the time of the inauguration of 45. For me personally that first month was an incredibly challenging time filled with fear: fear for my own life, that of my minority and LGBT friends, and for my own community. While this fear has not passed, I found comfort in writing this. I wrote a set of characters who might not always get it right, but who are champions for the truth and ruthless in their pursuit of justice, no matter who the monster is behind the mask.

I also made an effort to make sure that my characters showed some of the values that I hold near and dear to my heart. Jaclyn is a feminist. She goes out into the Seattle streets and marches just like I did on January 21st for women’s rights, even if she is nursing a horrid hangover the day after her entire life falls apart. She is career driven and kind but takes no shit from anyone. I hope that as she evolves she becomes even better.

I also take care to not make my male protagonist a horrid misogynist or an abusive jerk. I suppose chapter three has some of those elements,  Wes does not use his words when he feels like he’s in danger of being exposed, but I tried to write those elements less about violence towards women and more about Wes seeing her as equally dangerous to him in that moment.

It’s one of the things that I find the hardest to justify in romance novels and it’s a pitfall I tried to avoid. I’m not a fan of some common tropes: forced marriages, being forced to stay with anyone, and various other types of emotional abuse. No one is coerced to love. Love grows organically and out of a lot of mistakes.

So there you have it.

If you managed to get through this entire blog and you’ve never even read my books, here is a little gift. It’s the prequel to the book Alternative Desires (the one talked about in this blog) and it’ll get you up to speed for the release of that book. If you do read Alternative Desires (free today and Saturday here)  I’d love feedback.

❤ Scarlette


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