A preview of Alternative Beginnings

Here’s a quick peek at my novelette, Alternative Beginnings, the prequel to the Alternative Series. This is a rare glimpse into Agent Wexler’s side of the story. I loved writing this scene. Enjoy!



Agent Wesley Wexler didn’t trust anybody.

Ask his ex-girlfriend’s, his work partner, or his parents.

As always, he was in before his partner who had a family and wife to deal with. Wes had no one and he liked it that way. No lady, no pets, and just a handful of friends that required little maintenance other than a sports event or two a year.

Some people might find this lonely, but he was used to it.

That’s why it struck him as odd as he strolled into the staff room to grab a cup of horrendous coffee and that he found himself staring at a woman he’d seen a few times before.

Wes always noticed her.

She wasn’t the most attractive woman he’d ever seen. She was a little too short for his tastes, and he preferred blondes over her boring brown hair, but over time he’d grown to like hers. She dressed professionally, but not well, and he thought he’d like to see her shirt unbuttoned a little more. She always wore silly low heels in bright colors while he preferred sky high stilettos.

Although none of his preferences seemed to matter because he always caught himself looking at her and she had looked at him maybe once in the two years they’d been employed together. They didn’t work in the same department, but he would bet that the information he collected was instrumental in some of her cases. He didn’t even know her name.

She was small, but looked strong. He liked to gaze at her legs whenever she wore a skirt. Sadly, with the rain, it was not one of those days. Nor had it been in some weeks.

She was in the staff room talking to the man he gathered was her partner. Wes knew he’d met him at some point in his career, and that he’d been there longer, but he couldn’t for the life of him remember his name.

This distraction was twice as confusing to him when he remembered that he had a much bigger mystery on his hands than the brunette in the staff room. He was on to something big and scandalous and he couldn’t decide if this was something that he should continue on with.

He could go to this meeting. Then he’d reevaluate what was going on.

Wes had been contacted by a man who had refused to identify himself, but said he had information on a potential terrorist threat. What he should have done was pass this man along to the appropriate department. That had changed when he said that this was potentially related to a United States Congressman and that this meeting had to stay private.

The man had threatened to walk a few times now and was wavering constantly on whether to meet. His cryptic phone calls were starting to drive Wes up a wall, but the man was smart, his number was untraceable. Tentatively, they were meeting this Friday night because Wes had insisted that if he didn’t set up a meeting then he was welcome to find someone else to talk to.

There was always the possibility that this man was lying through his teeth or was some sick idiot with nothing better to do than troll the FBI.

Even though, for once, Wes didn’t feel like that was the case.

He poured himself a cup of coffee as he thought through what precautions he had in mind and cringed at the meeting place that had been suggested. Wes would never step foot in there if he had the option, but this was too interesting to pass up.

‘Too interesting to pass up’ was always his downfall. He was reminded of this as a stunning blonde walked into the room as to grab a cup of tea. Herbal. Weak.

“Agent Wexler,” she said coldly as she gave him a quick up and down glance, not hiding her disdain.

“Camilla,” he said with a nod.

He cast one more glance at the brunette in her hot pink heels and a ghost of a smile of her face before heading out to see if he could figure out how to investigate this without anyone else knowing.


If you liked what you just read, grab a free copy here.

❤ Scarlette




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