Reflections On the Last Couple of Months of Writing

Hey readers,

It’s been a couple of month now since I became serious about investing my free time into starting my writing career. During that time I feel I’ve learned some valuable things about how to schedule my work and I’ve learned things that do not work for me at all.

  • I learned that I’m surprisingly content writing 10,000 word shorts. It might actually be a perfect length for me. I can write one story in about two days.
  • I like writing everyday. It makes the day feel productive and worthwhile. Some days, of course, I don’t get a chance, but those days are few and far between.
  • I write best in 30 minute writing chunks. I wrote a blog post about this so I won’t bore you again. However, my timer is my best writing friend.
  • I will never leave that many stories unedited again. This was the hardest lesson to learn. I wrote 10 short stories that I had been sitting on until they were all complete to start editing. I then set a goal for myself that I would edit them all by the end of May (HAHA). I started editing mid-May. I eventually got 7 of them edited and published this month (YAY!).

I’ve always loved writing, but I’m not very practiced at editing my fiction. This made editing 7 short stories a huge pain that left me wanting to avoid work. I missed writing during that time because I was so focused on getting that work done. My new strategy that I will be starting this month will be a schedule of two days of writing (or one short story) followed by one day of editing and publishing.

I think that with the reminder of how rough the end of May was, I will be a much more productive writer and editor. I still have three shorts left to edit, but I love those stories so much I know I’ll be eager to dive back in. This actually leads me to another thing that I learned.

  • Editing things I love is much easier than things that I sort of like. I’m not yet sure how I will allow myself to use this information, but it’s good to know. I don’t want to abandon projects just because I’m not 100% crazy about them. I know that editing can polish a story enough to be something I’m crazy about. I just know now that I should prepare myself for more problems when the story doesn’t make my heart sing. This could also be a push for myself to only write the stories I am crazy about.

The last couple of months have been a wonderful and wild ride and I’m looking forward to what I learn next. Each lesson helps me to become a better and more focused writer and it’s been empowering to see where I can improve and then applying that knowledge.

I’ll be on a brief hiatus from writing for the weekend while I go celebrate my birthday, but I left my series on a shocking cliff hanger, so I’m already eager to get back. Happy writing everyone.

…And if you feel curious about my work, check out my first book in my Three Kinky Wishes series here.

❤ Scarlette


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